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Unlock NFT Rewards and Shape Community with ARTT Token Locking

Experience the ARTT Network Ecosystem through Token Locking - Where Every Lock Holds a Story and Every NFT is a Brushstroke in the Canvas of Community Influence.

Your Voting NFTs: Your ARTT Card, an NFT that is not just a digital asset but your ticket to influence. These cards grant you voting rights, allowing you to shape the future of the ARTT Network. It is a voice that matters.

NFT Locking Rewards: Dive into our dynamic NFT locking pool, where rewards dance to the rhythm of rarity and total locked value. Lock as many ARTT NFTs as you fancy, and let your rewards groove to the beat of your active participation.

NFT Rarity and Rewards: The art of locking meets the allure of rarity. Your locked ARTT amount and duration birth unique NFTs, each rarity (common, rare, epic, legendary) weaving a story that echoes in ETH/WBTC rewards.

Locking Tiers: From the spirited "Rookie" to the illustrious "Ecosystem," each tier offers unique perks based on your locked ARTT amount, influencing NFT rarity and rewards. Pick your tier, and let the journey unfold:

• Rookie: 5,000 - 50,000 ARTT, 15% APY, 90 days - 810 days
• Angel: 50,001 - 250,000 ARTT, 20% APY, 180 days - 810 days
• Curator: 250,001 - 1,000,000 ARTT, 25% APY, 270 days - 810 days
• Ecosystem: 1,000,001+ ARTT, 5% APY, 365 days vested over 12 months

In this ever-evolving landscape, sustainability takes center stage. Our dynamic reward adjustments, driven by market conditions and community growth, ensure a journey that lasts. Join hands with us as we contribute to community-driven initiatives, fostering the growth of the ARTT Network.

Artt - Crypto locking app